Ladies' Width Fittings

Width US US Alternate UK
Extremely Narrow SS AAAA -
Very Narrow S AAA AAA
Narrow N AA/A AA
Standard M/R B B
Wide W C/D C
Triple Wide WWW EEEE E


Note: The US fitting letters are abbreviations as follows:

  • SS - Extra Slim (or Quad)
  • S - Slim
  • N - Narrow
  • M - Medium
  • R - Regular (Equivalent to Medium)
  • W - Wide
  • WW/EW/XW - Extra Wide, Double Wide
  • WWW - Triple Wide

Extra Wide and Triple Wide feet are often caused by obesity and poor circulation that causes the feet to swell if you are looking for shoes in these widths it would be sensible to consult your doctor for recommendations for orthopaedic (medical) shoes.

The alternate US width fitting system is an older system which is slowly being replaced. In this system AA and A, C and D and EE and EEE are seperate sizes, they are grouped for comparison with the main system.

Men's Width Fittings

US UK Obsolete UK
B D Fitting 4
C E Fitting 5
C+ E+/EX -
D F Fitting 6
E/D+ F+/FX -
EE G Fitting 7
EEEE H Fitting 8


Note: Some UK outlets are now showing width fittings using the US notation, this may be due to them importing shoes from the far east without specifying UK sizes, so it would be worthwhile checking that they are selling UK rather than US size shoes when you see US width fittings specified by a UK outlet.

Brown Shoes
Boots, Feet & Daisies
Dance Shoes

To get the most comfortable shoes, you need one that is a good width as well as the right length. Width fittings for shoes are not as common nowadays, as they used to be, as a result of modern manufacturing techniques.

The US and UK shoe size systems have a range of width fittings using an alphabetical notation, the Mondopoint system uses the width of the foot in millimetres. The European system seems to have no standard width fittings, however some French outlets give widths as Largeur Confort, Grande Largeur, Extra Larges and Ultra Larges getting wider for each and some German outlets give widths as Schmal, Standard/Normal, Weit.

US and UK width fittings are based around the circumference around the widest part of the foot (as are the german width fittings) whereas Mondopoint widths are based around the width at the widest part of the foot. This makes a comparison between US and UK fittings easy, but comparison against Mondopoint is dependent on the shoe size as well as the width.

Mondopoint width fittings are measured in millimetres across the widest part of the foot. When a width fitting is available in mondopoint the size is given as 295/90, 295/85, 260/80 etc (length/width).

For UK width fittings as shoe size goes up by one the width fitting increases in size, such that a size 10F is the same width as a size 9G and a size 8H as per the table below:

Size E Fitting F Fitting G Fitting H Fitting
7 - - - W1
8 - - W1 W2
9 - W1 W2 W3
10 W1 W2 W3 -
11 W2 W3 - -
12 W3 - - -