Walmart Pays $9 Million US For

Following the receivership of the owners of the the domain and associated social media accounts and secondary domains were sold to Walmart Inc for around $9 million (USD). Walmart plans to relaunch as a separate brand under its subsidiary Inc (As of 12th April the site was up and running again The price paid makes this easily the top domain sale of 2017 so far. Bankruptcy was formerly owned by the Canadian company Technologies Inc, which was set up by Shoeme Technologies Ltd. These companies ceased trading at the end of January 2017 (see this TotalRetail article) after which the assets were sold off by the receiver. The price paid for the domain was reported in this Domain Investing article. Inc Inc is owned by, which in turn is owned buy Walmart. Shoebuy itself was only purchased on January 5th 2017. It seems that Walmart are really interested in having a strong presence in the US footwear market over the next few years.