Domain Sold

Old Logo

Following the receivership of the owners of the the domain and associated social media accounts and secondary domains were sold to Walmart Inc for around $9 million (USD). Walmart plans to relaunch as a separate brand under its subsidiary Inc...

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ISO Standard Shoe Sizes

Military Boots

The ISO standard for shoe sizes is the mondopoint sizing system. This standard was first proposed in the early 1970's and eventually released in 1991. It has gained some traction, although it's use is far from widespread, with Mondopoint often being used for military footwear (adopted by NATO), ski boots and ice skates...

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Children's Shoe Size Systems

Children's Shoes On Shelves

It would seem to be sensible to have a single size numbering system for both adults and children. This is the case for some systems with the European, Japanese and Mondopoint systems having a numbering system that allows children's sizes to be smaller numbers in the same system...

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