Mondopoint Shoe Sizes

The Mondopont shoe size system is based on the length and width of the foot in millimetres. Thus a shoe of Mondopoint 260/95 is suitable for a foot of length 260mm and width 95mm. Mondopoint sizes are often only given as the length figure i.e. 260, 280 or 300, the width figure is less commonly used but provides the system with sensible width fitting sizing system.

Mondopoint is specified by ISO9407-1991 - Shoe Sizes, Mondopoint System of Sizing & Marking

Mondopoint Usage

Mondopoint is widely used in sizing specialist winter sports footwear such as ski boots and ice skates, it has also been used widely by NATO and other military organisations.

Mondopoint has also been adopted by Korea for general shoe sizes, hopefully other countries will follow in the near future, as the system is probably the easiest for ordinary people to use and take accurate measurements without having to resort to specialist sizing equipment.

Mondopoint Misconceptions

Some people use Mondopoint to describe the sizing of shoes in centimetres, however this is not how it is specified in the ISO standard; European Standard EN13402 specifies measurement of the foot in centimetres, but this standard is primarily for clothes sizing.


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